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Sunday, September 24, 2006

update from the west coast

it's been awhile, i know. but so much has happened these days. there's little time to write. little time to sit peacefully with my computer and beethoven and a glass of red wine. just finished watching 'american splendor,' which has been sitting in my room for over a week. maybe, netflix is not really for me? in any case, i laughed out-loud at a few points, knew that it was time to return to the old blog for a bit of updating, storytelling.

california treats me well. people ask me, "how long do you plan on staying here?" i can't help myself, but respond, "maybe, forever." it's true. the air is fresh, makes me breathe deeply and feel empty and full all at once. absolutely perfect. this morning i ran a 5k to raise money for breast cancer. i raced in memory of my grandmother who lived with me in high school. she died when i was seventeen. in a twist of irony, today she would have turned 70 years old. my lifelong hero would have been 70 years old today, but instead i am here breathing in deep gulps of california air with out her. finally, i think i am okay with that.

i managed to snag the coolest job. this past week marked the beginning of my career as a "policy analyst" for homebase, a nonprofit that works to end homelessness. when i went for my interview a few weeks ago, i gave a long explanation of the idea i have for starting a nonprofit. basically, my dream organization would bridge grassroots and advocacy centers. at the end of my rap, the interviewer said, "that's cool. that's basically our model." can you believe that? my idea exists! and they hired me! if you want to check us out, our website is

in other news, i visited yvonne is san diego. the pic of yvonne and karl was actually taken in maine a month ago. the other two: me at the coast in torrey pines and me at this fabulous restaurant called "spread." spread is a restaurant in san diego that is completely vegetarian and specializes in edible flowers. all the food is picked that day. the combinations are crazy. among other things, we ate blue potato tacos with lavender guacomole. for dessert, dark chocolate fondue with fresh fruit and rose petals. yes, we dipped rose petals in chocolate and ate them. absolutely decadent. as for yvonne, she is fabulous. she's moving to new york city next month to live with my very own karl pilato. a match made in heaven compliments of kristina and yours truly.

it's hard to say exactly what's happened here, but i spoke to my mother today and she said i've sounded happier in the last few weeks than i've sounded in the last seven years. it's true, i think. everything expands, feels possible, inspires me. there is more to say, but at the moment i don't even think i need/want to explain. it's cool to just smile.


  • At 1:47 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm so happy for you! Congratulations again on your job. You are AWESOME and amazing! Thanks for visiting me; your visit rocked my world! Keep smiling; it's so healthy. And welcome back to California. Keep it real for me. : ) You always have a home in NY, and you know it.

  • At 12:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Its so great to think of you out there living to your fullest, with things beautifully falling into place. "Empty and full at the same time"--no one can ask for more than that.


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