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Thursday, June 22, 2006

from hell

i'm utterly disheartened these days. studying for ye ol' bar exam hath brought me down. i listened to ani on the way home. she always reminds me that i'm tough. and i chatted with charlie. he reminded me that it's all a conspiracy by the powerful, white-male elite...that's a lot coming from a white dude who grew in a fancy part of virginia. together, ani and charlie reminded me that it's not me. they call it the good fight for a reason; there's a lot to be fighting against. so, in solidarity with all you lovely liberals who inspire me infinitely, i promise that regardless of my november results, i will seriously be kicking some ass come august. these punks have pissed off the wrong chic. as utah phillips said, "as i looked around, i knew that it was all wrong, that something had to change. and that change had to begin with me."


  • At 8:31 PM, Anonymous susie b. said…

    hey kid! sorry i've been absent. tangled up in blue and scarlet over here in scotland. today i read 'sister of the road: the autobiography of boxcar bertha.' you *have* to read this! check out this bit of 1920s hobo underground advice from bertha's kick-ass, beloved anarchist mom: 'I've always been a rough-neck. I never had any morals, nor did I ever teach you any. But I've been a happy mother. I'm proud of you. Remember that I never made any sacrifice for you, nor did I give up any pleasure or good times for you. I never did anything different because I had children. And so don't you ever do anything for me that isn't easy and natural for you to do. I haven't any advice to give you. You know plenty. Just remember one thing, however - a woman's character, her value to the world, and her love for man is not in her hips, but in her heart and head.' what do you think, may help us with magnolia? xoxoxo susie b.

  • At 8:15 PM, Blogger cowgrrrl said…

    thanks, susie b. good stuff indeed...and, yes, perfect for magnolia. more thoughts after july 27. until then, many kisses to scotland. xo.


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