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Thursday, June 22, 2006

from hell

i'm utterly disheartened these days. studying for ye ol' bar exam hath brought me down. i listened to ani on the way home. she always reminds me that i'm tough. and i chatted with charlie. he reminded me that it's all a conspiracy by the powerful, white-male elite...that's a lot coming from a white dude who grew in a fancy part of virginia. together, ani and charlie reminded me that it's not me. they call it the good fight for a reason; there's a lot to be fighting against. so, in solidarity with all you lovely liberals who inspire me infinitely, i promise that regardless of my november results, i will seriously be kicking some ass come august. these punks have pissed off the wrong chic. as utah phillips said, "as i looked around, i knew that it was all wrong, that something had to change. and that change had to begin with me."