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Saturday, April 29, 2006

may day thoughts continued

going along with the spanish national anthem post, i want to comment on monday's events. for those of you who don't yet know, there's gonna be big boycott and protest on monday for immigrants' rights. one of my local buritto places is shutting down "in solidarity." (sweet!) in other good news, the california senate just endorsed the boycott. here's what some of the senators had to say...

Several senators equated the protest with the civil rights movement of the 1960s and other major events in American history.

Segregation was ended in part because of the public bus boycott by blacks in Montgomery, Ala., in 1955, said Romero.

Sen. Gil Cedillo, D-Los Angeles, likened the debate over immigrant rights to the fights over slavery, women's suffrage, the internment of Japanese during World War II, and the Vietnam War.

America wouldn't have been created without illegal action, said Sen. Richard Alarcon, D-Van Nuys. "They dumped a bunch of tea in Boston harbor, illegally. God bless them," he said.

...god bless them, indeed! anyone in the local area interested in taking to the streets with me, pull out your white t-shirt and give me a ring. 4pm in union square.


  • At 7:24 AM, Anonymous susie b. said…

    wee rant: may day in glasgow was lame! pulled into a police pen with a bunch of angry teenagers who couldn't form a circle to save their lives. my canadian pal who sports shrapnel scars from quebec got called a fascist by some kids when she tried to get them involved in very simple direct democracy decision-making. what does angst have to do with worker's rights? grow up! good to hear some cooler stuff went down in nyc. we have to keep asking each other, what future do we want? what present do we have? what can you offer, what can i offer, what can we get up to together? and for goddess' sake, learn how to circle-up kids...


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